Jeans size chart. Here you will find the information to order your perfectly fitting jeans

Size Chart Jeans

Proceed as follows: To find your right size, make sure to take the measurements close to the body.
1. Waist circumference (where the waistband should sit
2. Inside leg (the length of the inside leg from the bottom to the crotch seam)
Our recommendation: It is best to measure your measurements with a "soft" tape measure (tailor's tape ). In contrast to the stiff tape measure, the tailor's tape is soft and flexible, which allows you to read the true measurements more accurately.
You can of course use a pair of well-fitting jeans from your closet as a reference. To do this, lay your top on a flat surface and take the measurements at the points mentioned and then times two. The result then corresponds to the scope.

All specifications are in centimeters (cm).
The sizing details are as follows in the product description:
Width/Length = W waistband in cm, L trouser leg length in cm